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Young people are amongst those affected by domestic violence and abuse. The consequences of this are many and varied and can result in youth dealing with social and psychological effects impacting health and wellbeing.

Youth Rezolutions operates in the western area of Sydney with a range of support programs and services including a Transitional Accommodation Program targeted toward at risk young people, 16-25 years old, many of whom have found themselves without stable accommodation, often, as a result of relationship breakdown or abuse in the parental home.

Youth Rezolutions is taking part in the ‘Hills Says No to Domestic Violence’ campaign. Support Services in the Hills District of Sydney NSW have launched this video highlighting the negative effects of domestic violence for families, individuals and for the community as well as promoting the social services that are available to people and families affected by domestic violence.

For more information about the programs and services offered by Youth Rezolutions read the Annual Snapshot from Youth Rezolutions here.