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Youth Rez offer a flexible brokerage program

A program to ensure that when coupled with a client-centred approach young people have the opportunity for participate in the social and economic life of the community.

Brokerage requests are based on particular circumstances of each individual client. With a strength-based focus, brokerage considers the needs of the young person, their family or household when working to achieve a positive long-term housing outcome. The aim of the brokerage program is to help prevent young people from experiencing homelessness.

Each young person referred in for brokerage assistance must either have a caseworker or be open to engaging with a case worker. This is to ensure that young people have the support to build independence post the brokerage support. If a young person does not have a caseworker when they reach out for brokerage, our team will assist them to access the support they need through referrals.

brokerage program

Our brokerage program can support young people with the following:

HOME Bundle

Designed to support the establishment of a young person into their new home.

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Mini HOME Bundle

The young person would have previously acquired some basic essentials but needs a lesser amount of material aid to connect them to their tenancy.

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Family HOME Bundle

Supports young families by providing resources not only to the young parents but also for the child(ren)

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Escaping Domestic Violence

Supports to assist a young person who is imminently escaping domestic or family violence with the costs associated in moving to a safe location.

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Transport assistance

Assists a young person by providing an Opal card ensuring they can attend their place of employment, education or attend health appointments.

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Health assistance

Supports young people to be able to have a health assessment that they might previously have been unable to attend through payment of the gap fee.

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Education & Employment

This is available to young people who require assistance with course fees or work equipment.

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Food relief

This package provides young people with vouchers to be able to purchase groceries.

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LGBTQIA+ Assistance

Youth Rez supports young people within the LGBTQIA+ community with items and resources that help to affirm their gender and identify.

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