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Safeguarding Children and Young People Statement

As an organisation and the benevolent arm of Community of Christ, Saints Care uphold the worth of all persons. This means Saints Care seek to uphold and restore the worth of all people individually and communally, challenging unjust systems that diminish human worth. All people, incudes children and youth.

Saints Care has a zero-tolerance approach to any forms of child abuse or neglect and strive to create spaces where children and young people’s rights and dignity are upheld and they feel safe.

Saints Care’s responsibility

Saints Care’s responsibility is to ensure:

  • All board members, staff and volunteers
    • Have a working with children check clearance and cleared National Criminal History Check
    • Undertake mandatory safeguarding children and young people training and adhere to the responsibilities of their role in protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults.
    • We are aware of the reporting process, policies and procedures for any suspected abuse, and the necessity for a swift response. Ensure no one feels threatened, afraid or unsafe in making reports or raising issues.
  • All service users and visitors are made aware of how they can report any abuse, issues or concerns.
  • Adherence to the code of conduct when interacting with children and youth to create a safe environment for all.

“If you see something, say something”.

This statement encompasses Saints Care’s culture in promoting a transparent organisation that uphold the safety of all people and the responsibility of all to contribute to keeping safe environments.

Should you have any concerns please complete the confidential complaints and feedback form here. Our Executive Officer and designated Board member regularly monitor and will arrange appropriate and timely responses.

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