Youth Rezolution Supports Young People

Youth Rezolutions provides support to young people regarding, youth housing options. Our service understands that for some young people gaining the life skills to gain independent living can be a challenge, therefore our service strives ourselves on providing experienced youth workers who can assist with youth housing options and living skills.

Our brokerage program holds strong partnerships with various youth housing providers and plays a key role in helping young people maintain their tenancies. Brokerage packages can include white goods, furniture, bedding, linen packs and other essential needs that contribute towards helping young people maintain their housing.

Building life skills is key to maintaining independent living and for some young people they may need someone to walk along side them to learn some day to day skills. REZ Mentoring is a service we provide to assist young people who may lack support systems and could benefit from a mentor to learn life skills. Our mentors can see young people within their youth housing, at our hubs or in a public space.

Youth Rezolutions is also a provider for the Youth Rent Choice program which assist young people to access a subsidy to afford a private rental tenancy. Some young people may move out of youth housing service and be ready to maintain a private rental, however could benefit from a leg up in accessing this type of housing. Youth Rent choice is a great service for young people who do not require intensive support and may hold some living skills already but could benefit from soft supports.

Group work is another aspect of Youth Rezolutions with a range of programs on offer that can be delivered in schools, communities and youth housing properties. Groups are a great way to learn new skills, be challenged and provide a community around individuals.

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